Black Market in North Korea

Came across an article on the smuggling of foreign (read: Western, decadent, filthy) media, specifically videos, into North Korea. Some interesting observations:
1. A party document alleges that the US, Japan, and South Korea are besieging North Korea with pornographic videos, Hollywood movies and racy South Korean TV dramas.
2. Most of the material is channeled through its border with China.
3. Dear Leader Lil Kim has been reported as a connoisseur of foreign (blue included) films.
4. Free porn videos are given out when you purchase South Korean dramas.

I’d say this is a good thing – after all, the black market is probably a very significant stage leading to the emergence of capitalism. In the very least, some supply is conjured up in order to meet demand – essence of capitalist economics, no?

The Time Asia article can be found here