Vacation Pictures

Have finally gotten down to uploading my pictures online. You can view them at here . Alternatively, you can use the pull-down menu on the left – just select “Holiday Pictures”.

Filled with much insecurity now that I’m about to start work. Not so much the actual work that I have to do, but the people aspect. Somehow, the thought of working with a bunch of trained political scientists and historians is less assuring that one might imagine. I just hope I won’t be spending too much time with the back-stabbing and politicking kind – although it might be an insightful experience into the human psyche. After all, like I tend to tell people – those who, upon finding out I majored in pol sci, ask if I intend to enter politics – that while I study politics, I do not enjoy politics or politicking. I guess I just don’t like the notion that politicians are actually versed in political science – think the world would be less messed up if they were. As it is, most politicians are LAWYERS, UNION LEADERS, and BUSINESSMEN, no?