System32.exe Error – Trojan Virus!!!

Actually had this problem for a while. My computer detected a trojan virus a while back, and deleted the files concerned. But somehow, whenever I start up, there’s this window that says, “C:WindowsSystem32System32.exe” or something like that. Anyway, after consulting a few forums, I did this.

Try this: Start > Run > (type) regedit > OK
Hkey_local_Machine/software/microsoft/windows nt/current version/winlogon
1. In the right box go to shell – if it reads “Explorer exe windowssystem32system32.exe” ,then
2. Right click on shell
3. Open modify and delete C:windowssystem32system32.exe (the only thing left should be Explorer Exe.)
4. Exit regedit and Reboot.

Except that “Explorer Exe” should be “Explorer.exe”, which I thought was the case, but didn’t dare to mess about with the Registry editor. Anyhow, the next I rebooted, my desktop and taskbar (well, I’d say the shell) was gone. Fortunately, the Windows Explorer popped up, and I could still run a search to launch the Regedit again, and rectified the error.

All systems operational again. Whew.