Day 6: Sin No More

Penn & Teller last night was totally great! I got my pic taken with Penn! At one point in the show there is a thing to verify the authenticity of the items used. Penn said “This is a real horse, right?” The audience member said NO it’s a small plastic model! Penn broke down trying not to laugh saying he has said that every night for a long time and no-one has made him a liar … yes, it’s a real plastic horse, thanks.

In addition to being the last day in sin city it was the was Las Vegas Outlet mall day. There was a Levi’s and Adidas shop, which was where we spent most of the time. We both picked up some Hush Puppies that look great and are really comfortable. It was, however, hell waiting for the bus to get away from the place as it was freezing and took forever (the traffic on the strip was backed up because, as the driver said, “this is the holidays, and this is Las Vegas”).

After a deposit of the spoils and a rest in the room, we braved the walk back to the MGM for Ka, a Cirque du Soleil show. The stage and effects were amazing, but I would have preferred a more ‘amazing feats’ normal type show over the more artsy approach of this production. Wolfgang Puck’s Bar  Grill fed the evening. My small ravioli-type things as well as the roast chicken was rich and delicious, as well as bigly portioned. The long last walk home was punctuated by stops at several casino’s to temper the even more freezing weather.