Spanner Crack-down

The other day, I noticed that spam was being addressed in a new law in Singapore whereby ads must be clearly identified. Little did I know that there is an even greater threat to the island city-state: the rampant use of wrenches. It’s good that the Inquirer keeps us informed: Singapore cracks down on spanners. Yes, I know that the publications of journalistic excellence don’t generally start their articles with “The government of a tinpot country known as …” Still, I was mildly amused. Really, it doesn’t take much nowadays.

Now that I’ve been warned, I can get back to watching Heroes. I am embarrassed that I didn’t notice it, but Wil Wheaton certainly did: the licence plate on the car driven by Hiro Nakamura’s father (George Takei) bears the designation “NCC1701.” Yippeee.

I managed to pick up a Nintendo DS Lite (jet black) and have been playing “Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney” on the train. It’s kinda interesting, but unfortunately is the kind of thing where you have to take the right steps in the right order to follow the script to advance. That can be irritating.

Had sukiyaki for the first time recently and it was a bit of quite all right. It was at Mo Mo Paridise in Shibuya. The service was surprisingly shoddy for Tokyo, but I guess that shows an axiom of managing an all-you-can-eat dining establishment worldwide: If you’re slow enough they’ll give up. It wasn’t bad at all at first, it just developed into a beautifully choreographed controlled spiral of increasing lethargy. Well, for a sukiyaki/shabu-shabu place it’s inexpensive and decent quality.

I had a great surprise of some lurvely purple tulips yesterday … Gazing upon them now. Ah.