DS Search

Journeys throughout Tokyo still have yet to reveal a Nintendo DS Lite for me. I had my first steak today in 20ish years. It was at TGi Friday’s in Ginza. It was okay but it made me remember that I don’t like steak. Except if it’s filet mignon stuffed with blue cheese with a red wine demi-gloss … the one from Abigails in San Jose. Nothing can compare to that. Except that it cost about a pair of nice Adidas shoes. Oh well, it was an experience. Other than that we went shopping. E joined Tipness and had to get new shoes as they don’t allow street things to invade the gym. They have tanning beds but it’s typically Japanese. You use a coin to buy a ticket at a machine, then talk to a person to exchange the ticket for a coin, and then put the coin in the machine. Efficiency. They also don’t provide towels unless you pay extra. And if you have a tattoo, the you’re immediately banned from the club.

I’ve been reading “My Name is Red” which was a gift from E for Christmas. It won the Nobel Prize in Literature for 2006 and is quite interesting although dry at first. The name refers to the fact that the story has a swaying point of view … including the POV of the color red … you read it right … the story from the point of view of a color.