Dating as Contract

I first noticed this insanity (with a reference to pseudo-ostension, no less) on Snopes – that incredible site of legends. A guy asks a girl out on a dating site. She agrees. She offers to pay her part at the restaurant. He graciously declines. Normal so far, but the twilight zone starts when she doesn’t call him back for two weeks because she’s busy. So, he DEMANDS PAYMENT FOR HER DINNER and threatens a lawsuit for her breech, telling her to “be a mensh – do what’s right.” It is so bizarrely out there I can hardly believe it. The complete story along with the actual voicemail messages are over at PR. Differently: How Not to Act on J-Date. You must check it out. You might want to pass if you get asked out by Darren L. Sherman, CEO of Regulatory Advisory Services in New York, though. Really.