Park At Your Own Risk

You see the sign. You stop reading. Yeah, yeah, you’ve heard it before – leaving valuables in the car and management is not responsible and all that. STOP. This sign is different. It does put an onus on you – but your risk is that of peacock attack on your vehicle!


In case you can’t make it out it says:

WARNING: Beware of possible PEACOCK ATTACKS to cars
During mating season, peacocks display overt courting behaviour and have been known to attack reflective surfaces such as cars with polished bodywork. these territorial birds mistakenly view their own reflection as that of a competing peacock. The island’s carparks cannot be protected from such free-ranging animals and drivers are advised that they park strictly at their own risk.

I think it’s a new sign but I may have just never bothered to read it. Amusing, nonetheless.