My Deck

One of the cool features in the WCT is that it allows me to create 3 different decks to play with. This is an important improvement, since dueling different opponents requires different tactics. E.g. when battling someone who is assembling an Exodia deck, I rely more on Magic and Trap cards, since it would be suicidal to keep attacking Rare Hunter/Simon/Trusdale and allowing them to activate Magic and Trap Cards as well as Effect Monsters that enable them to draw additional cards, or worse, specific cards.

Anyway, here’s my favorite deck (all my decks are heavy on Magic and Traps). But this one comprises mostly Dragon and Winged Beasts.

[1] Magic
– Monster Reborn, Graceful Charity, Pot of Greed, Mystical Space Typhoon, Harpie’s Feather Duster, Heavy Storm, Raigeki, Dark Hole, Elegant Egotist, Rising Air Current, Curse of the Masked Beast, Swords of Revealing Light, Change of Heart, Snatch Steal, Delinquient Duo, The Forceful Sentry, Nobleman of Crossout, Premature Burial, United We Stand, Mage Power

[2] Traps
– Magic Cylinder, Mirror Force, Robbin Goblin, Torrential Tribute, Solemn Wishes, Negate Attack, Call of the Haunted, 7 Tools of the Bandit, Magic Jammer, Imperial Order, Enchanted Javelin, Jar of Greed

[3] Normal Monsters
– Harpie Lady, Dragon that Dwells in the Cave, Luster Dragon

[4] Effect Monsters
– Harpie Lady Sisters, Harpie’s Pet Dragon, Jinzo, Morphing Jar, Cyber Jar, Fibre Jar, Magician of Faith, Witch of the Black Forest, Barrel Dragon, Sonic Bird, Birdface, Spear Dragon,

[5] Ritual Monster
– Masked Beast