Hangover Sunday

Went to The Yard last night, as there was a Strongbow special –> in that they were serving the cider, not that there was any discount or some such thing. Made my own Snakebite with cider and beer, but wound up giving me a splitting headache by the time I reached home. [Incidentally, there’s such a thing as a Snakebite and Black, which is beer, cider, and blackcurrant cordial] Check out this cool website called The Lads Online which has a search engine of whatever cocktails you’d wish to have.

Being careful not to move my head unnecessarily now, cos it’s threatening to implode. Watched a re-run of Yu-Gi-Oh this morning – Yugi vs Weevil Underwood at the Duelist Kingdom. Never saw this episode before: apparently the field magic is decided by which part of the island you play on, and monsters with attributes associated with those areas have their powers boosted. Cool. [Anyway, Yugi is going to win in an episode or 2’s time]

In the midst of reorganizing the house now, starting with my bedroom. In anticipation of getting a new computer [hopefully a G5 powermac] in June, decided to move the computer table and stuff to the bedroom, and my shelf of books into the study. It’s shocking how much dirt and rubbish there was behind the cupboards, underneath the bed, etc – afterall, pretty much the first major reordering of the room since we moved in 5 years ago. So far, only my bedroom has been rearranged, although I still have to tidy up the stuff in 2 cupboards. After that, I will have to work on the study, the master bedroom, and finally the living room and kitchen. Dreading the kitchen most, cos it’s so dirty and oily and I’ll probably get ambushed by some roaches along the way. Yucks!

Anyway, here’s a preview of what my room looks like now.