Medical FFI

Had to go back to camp again today for my FFI (can’t remember what the acronym stands for), but it’s the checkup all soldiers have to go through before they ORD (operationally ready date – a noun which has become a verb to denote the process of finishing NS).

I was sent to see the same doctor that I had the last few times, including once for my ingrown toenail. He opened proceedings by asking why was my docket as old as his, then asking, “Are you Mr Brainy?”, “where are you from, Brainy?” So he finally forced the truth out of me, complete with exclamations. But as there was nothing wrong with me, I have to look forward to 13 cycles of reservist hell. Hopefully, I’ll get out of Sg or earn enough money in a few years to not have to actually go through all 13 of those cycles.

It has otherwise been an uneventful day, although my internet did get cut off as I have not paid for 3 months. Finally did so, but didn’t realize I had to reboot the modem for the connection to work. So I waited till Sat morning to ask the Customer Service people what was going on.