Day 12: Spy Museum

We were this “undercover package” at the Hotel George –> tickets to the Intl Spy Museum, a quiz to be completed in exchange for a free bottle of white wine, and a letter written in invisible ink.

Our first stop was Chinatown, a remarkably small area for a big city like DC.

Had lunch at this nice cozy Burma Restaurant, which for once had a nice selection of vegetarian dishes. We had the green tea salad, sauteed eggplant, and salmon curry. They were all pretty good, although I found the eggplant a little too gooey and cooked with too much soy sauce. The curry – not the typical coconut based kind – was excellent, moist, tender, and flavorful. First time I had green tea salad –> not what I expected, and pretty damn good. The place got rather crowded and boisterous after 12, so I was glad we went early and were done by the time the rest of the people had arrived.

The Intl Spy Museum was kind of fun, lots of gadgets – categorized under “cloak” or “dagger” – with discriptions of what they did, who used them, and other trivia. Most of the stuff came from Soviet, East German, or other commie agents. Unfortunately, the place was very crowded, it being Easter and all, and we had to continually weave through throngs of children and parents. Not very top-secret, if you asked me.

Had an early dinner at this Hong Kong-style eatery that served hand-made noodles and fresh dumplings — really good, actually. The walls were adorned with a review from 2003 taken from the New York Times that described how good the food was, with a picture of the guy making noodles. Even their flyers showed that article.

Later that night, we went to this bar called the Green Lantern — mostly bearish kind of guys.