Day 11: Virginia

We went back to Granny Bee’s for breakfast this morning. Apparently it opens at 6am and closes at 8pm. Had the eggs and ribeye this tiime [I think the ribeye is the only steak they do here]. Bloody good.

Went to Appomattox’s only tourist attraction, the historical courthouse. It’s more like a reguar court office, I think, though we couldn’t enter. So we just took some pictures of the statue, cannons, and stuff, and got on our way. We were supposed to spend a few hours at Colonial Williamsburg, but upon our arrival, we decided not to get the ticket since it cost 33 bucks and we had to leave for DC in a few hours. So, we’ll probably come back again after DC, and spend the entire day exploring the 18th century Disneyland [I exaggerate, I don’t think there are roller coasters, just people in silly costumes].

Instead, we drove further south to Norfolk, VA, where the Battleship Wisconsin is now permanently based. It had the Nauticus museum attached to its side, and we could walk up the Wisconsin and take a look around. It was really cool – tons and tons of metal painted in gray cos that’s supposed to be the color least visible across the broadest range of lights.

After a quick bite at 333 Waterside, a foodcourt [we had Thai fast food] – it was the long drive to DC. Virginia would be a nice place to live in, esp in the Richmond suburbs, but working in DC might be scary if you had to drive home in monster traffic every evening.

Finally arrived at The Hotel George, which was splendid. Although a tad tacky with pictures of George Washington on the greenback every now and then, the room was luxurious – King sized bed, tv with nintendo, relaxing music in the CD player when we entered, and high speed internet [too much the wireless thing wasn’t working]. The was a nice big tub, with Aveda products available [but no bubble bath provided]. It’s going to be an awesome Easter weekend!