Me So Solly?????

Reviewing Asia/law related whatnot, I couldn’t help but notice the cringe inducing incidents of the Dewey Ballantine firm as blogged by The Nub:

“Responding to a note seeking someone to adopt a puppy, the partner wrote, “Don’t let them go to a Chinese restaurant.”

The links have a snippet of poetry not fly for any sort of guy. The firm seems to be having great fun apologizing … repeatedly … gotta wonder about such an annual tradition. Since this PARTNER probably can’t be liberally slapped around, perhaps the advice of the ePolicy Institute might be a good reference: ” Every message you write, whether electronic or on paper, is a reflection of the company’s credibility and your professionalism. Your eMail correspondence is expected to be just as polished and professional as your written letters and proposals.” (I wish they didn’t have such horrendous formatting on that page, but oh well.)