First they came for the gamers.

Last year the Thai Rak Thai (Thai Love Thai) PM Thaksin decided too many kids played video games too much so he set a schooltime and early night curfew. Now, clubs should close at midnight if they are not in the few designated areas. So, imagining hordes of rowdy tourists coupled with even greater hordes of rowdy Thai … out after just enough time to imbibe so much as they are apt … surely a healthy rise in robbery at gunpoint and some colorful stabbings are preferable to entertainment venues! The Shaky Kaiser has a striking comparison to share:

“In recent times, no modern democratic government has restricted its citizens as much as the control-freak minions of TRT. PM Thaksin may fancy himself as the new Lee Kuan Yew and Thailand as the new Singapore, but not even in that archetypal nanny state do such severe restrictions exist. In Singapore folks can drink, dance and be merry all night long – but in Thailand, they must go home early like good little children!”