WordPress 3.3 White Editor

You’ve rushed ahead and upgraded to WP3.3 and all looks well. All except that the menus don’t work and when you try to edit a post, everything appears to be gone. You notice that your writing is there, but that it is white text on a white background (and there are not buttons and you cannot get out of Visual mode). For me at least this was the solution: (1) clear your cache (2) install the Hotfix 0.8 (currently labeled development version) plugin from here.

On my end, I scoured the forum, followed the official word, cleared my cache, tried Hotfix 0.7, re-upgraded, killed all my themes and plugins, re-upgraded manually, read post after post telling people to just read the FAQ and rejoice. There was no joy in any of that for me. Glory be for the good fellow over at the WordPress Genius Bar, for the divine led me to his post: WordPress 3.3 Upgrade Problem: Toolbar Disappears in Page/Post Editor.

What a long road. Overall, you should just stay where you are until 3.3.1 pops out. If you weren’t so lucky, I hope this helps.

AdN Refresh

This is a fresh install of the AdN blog for the new year. New database. New theme. ‘New’ entries being slowly transitioned from draft status. I must offer a special thanks to PAX for the brilliantly *nix-minimal ‘bash‘ theme gracing these pages.

If you notice anything wonky or have any suggestions for improvement, or comments in general, please give them voice.