Early Morning Tokyo

After having been unable to sleep, I decided to give up trying and head to the gym at 5am. I’ve never seen the streets and trains so deserted in this busy city. I didn’t expect to find the gym in Harajuku to be more crowded than I’ve seen full of frighteningly hulk-like creatures. With that situation, I suppose it shouldn’t be surprising that, for the first time the locker room smelled like … a locker room. Ugh. They seemed to be frantically cleaning at 7 so perhaps it’s not so common. It also stuck me that I’ve never seen a woman in the men’s locker room. This may sound an odd comment, but there’s generally a (invisible after you’ve been here for some time) little old lady scurrying about in the toilet/changing room type areas everywhere. (Really if you’re a man you should expect a woman to be cleaning up during your “restroom activities” – and I do mean mean right next to you watching). Perhaps Gold’s is not the type of place that toilet ladies think to apply. Guess little old anythings don’t generally enter in any capacity.

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