sugamojizodoriMonday was a holiday so we went over to the very unlikely place of Sugamo. It was listed in Metropolis as a street full of shops selling auspicious red panties for grannies. Indeed it was full of the elderly “with a glint in the eye” as the out and about Tokyo article suggested. sugamoincenseThey had some really cool stuff for good prices there too! It’s the perfect place to pick up unique items for gifts … I must remember that when the need arises. There is also a temple where people wait in line forever, buying a towel and rubbing a Buddha with it on the body part that pains them. They can then take the towel home to put on themselves for alleviation.

One of the coolest things about the place, though, is the park. It’s one of the nicest I’ve been to here in Japan (the only other contender is the zen one in Kyoto). It is a natural place. Most park/gardens in Japan have been overcome by sponsorship. You see a idyllic landscape covered in signs from Hitachi, Google, and Yahoo. EVERYWHERE. Well, Sugamo has thus far escaped such a despicable destruction of the peace which is the whole point of the place in the first place (at least for me). The attempt to avoid interruption even goes as far as disguising the trash receptacles. Somebody put some thought into this place. sugamoduckssugamotrash