MacZOT- HoudaSpot

Yesterday macZOT featured HoudahSpot which is a search program with much more discrete parameter capability over spotlight and other search progs. I found it interestingly useful – It’s like a faster, easier, and therefore useful form of the unix find command. I didn’t much like that it wants to stick a brown spotlight icon up in the menubar (why couldn’t they have a pref to embed their abilities in the regular spotlight menu?) but that’s a small matter.
Today on macZOT – HoudahSpot:

HoudahSpot is FREE to the first 5,000 people.
Feel free to share this site’s URL with your friends. However, once this form disappears, the offer is over.
Free Registrations So Far: 1867

So, right now there are over 3000 licenses available for free just by going over to get it. MacZOT is a really quite interesting site that offers a featured shareware type product every day for extremely reduced prices. I’ve been really quite impressed by their offerings and have found some neat things there. No, I don’t have anything to do with the site or any products therein – I just find it useful.