Chinked Out?

It started up lately with Wang Lee Hom describing his mix of Western pop and Chinese traditional music, and now local S'porean JJ Lin has put out called and referencing "Cao Cao," saying he does not "chink for the sake of chinking" since he's always loved to fuse Chinese culture into his music (per 8 Days, 2006APR20). I guess this is just the latest reclaiming of derogatory verbiage? See also Kate Riggs (featuring MC Chink Daddy)Chink-O-Rama, "where she takes the word 'chink,' what she refers to as 'a non-word taken from the libelous use of the speakers mouth,' and turns it upside down." JJ certainly doesn't seem to poo poo the re-purposing. Sorry, couldn't resist. JJ Lin - Loo