Food Discovery

We went to Jumbo all the way over on the east coast yesterday (for hari raya). I’ve missed the smell of the sea I realized. It’s a tiny island here but shockingly little “coast” that is in any way decent. At least the saltwater and the breeze and eating outside was nice despite the many dozens of huge tankers off the shore considerably destroying any thought of a pristine sea view.
The chili crab was an excellent big Sri Lankan one as is placed on E’s blog. It was nice to have the chilies but I think I prefer the black pepper style.
The image here is a closeup of the bamboo clams. I had assumed it was just some clams cooked in bamboo or something and was shocked to see this when they brought it out. It’s really wonderful and incredible to experience something that I had not even the slightest clue of it’s existence before. And then have it killed and eat it. How American 8(.
Overall it was a really great meal and nice environment. It also was very affordable. Over the last few weeks we have had much less and much worse food at much worse locations for extremely much more money. This was about 80 SGD all inclusive. Not bad. Head on over to Jumbo Seafood in East Coast.


By the way we keep forgetting to take the picture before digging in so the clam is actually much bigger than is shown … it’s “half eaten food” which I think we will continue with as a new tradition. All the other blogs only have lovely nice untouched food. We have to be different. ;0