US Pizza – Rite?

It was time last night for some pizza delivery to go along with American Pie Band Camp. An untried source was U.S. Pizza (Singapore) but locating it proved difficult as the web site is being “revamped” and includes no information other than that. Despite my inability to understand why “revamping” is not done on a development server while the production page is still available with information for customers, such as what you sell and where you deliver, they’ve also “improved” their name – now it’s “Rite Pizza.” We ordered a tuna/ginger and a “healthy vegetarian” and it came within the hour they promised at a quite reasonable 26 SGD. It was passable as far as thin crust pizza goes though the crust was a bit disconcertingly chewy, and the topings less than copious. In any case they are at +65 (6) 899-3838 and their site may be up at some point: Rite Pizza.

To be fair it is somewhat typical of pizza in that the cold leftovers seemed to taste better this morning than in the critical mindset of American Pie. Compared to a more egregious travesty such as Pizza Hut, at least.