Why Bush should be ashamed to beg for help

Why Bush should be ashamed to beg for help
It is a humiliating admission that the world’s richest nation cannot cope with a natural disaster.

America has already spent a staggering $186billion on the Iraq conflict, yet is now unashamedly turning to Europe and the UN with requests for anything from nappies and baby milk to forklifts and veterinarian supplies.

Taking aid from the poor

But it is a disgrace that the US should accept offers of help from the poorest nations who are barely able to cope with their own disasters.

Heartbreakingly, tsunami-battered Sri Lanka and Thailand have been generous in coming forward with donations despite struggling to feed and house their own people.

Mr Bush put his summer holiday first, and stayed at his Texas ranch as hundreds of thousands of his people were plunged into the most inhumane conditions.