The Japan Times Online :

Japanese typically bury guests with compliments the way Hawaiians plop on leis. This can start at a very physical level. Guests may be praised for their height, the sharpness of their nose, the color of their hair, the fullness of their bosom, the real estate value of their derriere, or anything.

“Once,” says this foreign fellow I know, “I had gas in the midst of a crowded elevator. In seconds, the air was thick enough to build a bomb shelter with. Paint began to melt from the walls. People turned wine red from gagging. But — sure enough — from the back of the elevator came the choked expression, ‘Jozu desu ne’ ” — which means, “Wow, you’re good.”

How To Be A Millionaire (Bond St. Mix) from the album “How To Be A…Zillionaire!” by ABC