Hello KittyDog

DoggieMy good friend, the resplendent iceblink, made these Hello Kitty Chinese Astrological icons. As you can see, I’m a doggie. A metal one to be exact, but you’d have to read stuff to know more about that. Check on yourself to find out if chasing my tail would be a good idea and let me know. Grrrr. Others close to me seem to be all horsies. Horsie 

That Mr. Cheney can be a little gruff, but Poo Poo on you for doubting his word. He. Has. Never. Met. That Guy. (Unlike This Chick.) The thing is the Ministry of Truth has let the work pile up a bit making art using solely a typewriter. Paul Smith (Winston’s brother) is sure taking the lead in that area and I’m sure we’ll get the past straightened out soon. Maybe you can give him a reality check seeing if you can tell which images are real and which are more real by taking this little quiz. If you’re more of a wordsmith, educationalize us all with the help of the George W. Bush Speech Writing Tool.

We have always never. met. that man. We have always been at war with Iraq.