DEAD: Ultima X Odyssey

Holy crapola. I was looking forward to this game for years. It’s been one of those due in a rolling “X quarter of X year” fueled by cool screenshots and movies things. It promised to give an actual unique purpose to playing online rather than being just another online … well in this announcement they called it a “franchise” so I suppose it’s best they wither and die immediately rather than being allowed to call themselves anything other than marketing automoton mugwhomp feces. EA GAMES | Ultima X: Odyssey
“As of today, development on Ultima X: Odyssey has ended. We feel that Ultima Online is where we need to focus our online efforts and most of my team will be moving to the UO expansion pack, the UO live team, and an unannounced Ultima Online project. Development on UO will be greatly enhanced as we consolidate our resources behind that franchise.” I’m still a Grandmaster Warrior on the original UO … the character is six years old now … I just had a look at him and I can’t remember how to do much without the key macros I programmed in. (There is an interesting anniversary edition coming out that has a buncha reg codes, special items, and a full copy of Ascention – good deal). I still think it’s better than EQ, etc. I wonder about LineageII though. Oh well, guess it’s best to only have one thing to look forward to anyway: KOTOR-II.