Genesis = Bill Gates

I was lucky enough to spend the day with someone who took it as a personal campaign (not political but more religious … you know, like the inquisition) to explain SLOWLY to me that Bill Gates wrote all the original software that was the genesis of modern GUI computing … and that Apple stole it all from him and refuses to admit it. WinXP is also the best OS ever to exist.
This was coming from someone calling himself an expert. I suppose therein lies the problem. A self proclaimed expert. Upon talking further I came to agree that “for personal pc gaming” WinXP IS the best so far. This limited area comprised the entire basis of his claim that it is the best system ever. Fascinating.
He was sure to tell me that MacOSX, Linux … even Sun Solaris and all other UNIX flavours are irrelevant to computing.
Somehow my patience held out and we agreed to disagree. I *so* don’t ever care to hash out stupidity.