More excellent articles to peruse

It has been awhile since I read anything on the Guardian, but it does contain a good repository of nicely written reports and reviews, particularly on the war in Iraq. [Clearly, the leftist slant agrees with me as well].

Here’s one on The Moral Swamp, a powerful imagery so appropriate for the scenes we are seeing today. All that remains is for a big, hideous Swamp Thing to arise from the muck to rule over all. Any bets on whether that’s going to be Bush in his second term, or his Democratic twin, John Kerry. (No, having fought in the Vietnam War 30 years ago does not count.)

Guardian Unlimited also has a page of the pictures of the abuse of the prisoners here. It works a little better than the Memory Hole site because it utilizes thumbnails instead, and loads much quicker.

Also, who is the hick who couldn’t even spell “rapist”? [It’s spelt “rapeist” on some prisoner’s thigh (butt?) – perhaps he/she wanted so say rape, but managed to think of a 2-syllable word a couple of moments too late?]