The Notorious CHO

Caught Margaret Cho’s latest “film” – the stand-up comedy performance called “Notorious Cho” today. In terms of substance, I think it’s a nice follow-up to “I’m The One That I Want” — she plays on those things that worked well before, and expanding them. Like the segment on colon hydrotherapy at Water’s Gift — I flipped when Julie stuck the tube inside her vagina! It is reminiscent of the “I’m here to wash your vagina” joke from ITOTIW.

Other classic jokes include her father’s gay experience, her mother falling off the camel (that’s the encore), and perhaps the best new stuff — her guardian angels Jeremy and Alan, drag queens who tell her to lick a man’s balls if she wants to be done quicker! The segment on her experience in an S&M club was great too, about how she’d want a 500-pound bull-dyke that looked that John Goodman if she were to have a lesbian encounter. Nice little ad lib when the audience reacted differently to her reference to fisting initially.

There were 2 things I didn’t really like. First, it was overly preachy. The last bit about being a minority if you were (a), (b), (c), and (d) and you needed to do (i), (ii), (iii), and (iv) was a tad overdone. It was an important message, but important messages need not exist independent of the wit, especially in a comedy show. If anything, humour is needed most in order to get people to relate.

Second, what’s with the cadence?? She slowed down her delivery so much, perhaps waiting for the laughter to subside and the jokes to fully set in. But it was much more cathartic when she kept them coming like a machine gun in ITOTIW.