WTHIGOW the collapses?

A week after the Nicoll Highway collapse, Fusionpolis (a tech township, whatever that means) in Ayer Rajah – that’s pretty near my place – suffered a worksite collapse. According to reports, thousands of steel rods crashed down on the workers, killing 2 and injuring 29.

Are we getting sloppy with our safety? Perhaps the government officials have been putting this off for too long, constantly reassuring the citizens that all safety requirements are met in projects. Huge cracks that emerge in people’s homes as well as the cricket field in Kallang were brushed aside. I’d like to see some independent investigation going on, preferably culminating in some kind “60 Minutes” expose.

The SGX also took a beating yesterday, following reports of an economic slowdown in China. [Methinks a meltdown is probably due – probably too much hype behind all the new facilities, as well as corruption, environmental issues, and safety problems] Not sure if this will have any sustained effect on Sg, but hopefully not, since 2004 was supposed to be our first decent year (economy wise) since 1997. Also my first year of work, and would like to not be at the receiving end of some “quarter year” bonus come December.