Day 22-24: Going Home

Nothing much to say about the flights. Generally pleasant enough, if for no other reason than having a good game to play and a good book to read. Managed to get through The Magician’s Nephew, The Witch, The Lion, and The Wardrobe, as well as The Boy and The Horse. Like almost everyone, the second book is my favorite so far. Good story-telling with lots of interesting characters, especially like Aslan – reminds me a little of Gandalf in the way he “dies” and is resurrected. But reading it convinces me further than JK Rowling has ripped off so many elements from JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis.

Had to spend Tue night at the Airport Hotel. The original plan was to wander around the CKS Airport until the next morning. But the exhaustion from the flight, the meagre offerings of the airport, and the surprising cheap rate of the hotel (USD50) helped change my mind. The hotel was nothing to shout about – it was much uglier than the Days Inn or Super 8 Motel we stayed in during the road trip. Had particular problems with the shower because the water pressure was so low. But at least I got to sleep on a bed, although I did wake up at 2, wide awake and unable to sleep again. So I just watched Star TV and CNN until it was time to check out.

It’s a good feeling to be home, although I do miss Lonoke already. Its funny how just reaching Changi Airport gets me all better already, starting from how fast I can clear customs (the shorter line for citizens!) The heat is blistering right now — 33 Celsius. Mother was supposed to pick me up, but I think I told her the wrong date, for tomorrow instead. The funny thing was I did see someone like her at the arrival hall, and actually waved to her.

No calls from the dental centre when I was gone. Hopefully this means my appt won’t be cancelled tomorrow.

Oh, and the Nicoll Highway collapsed yesterday.