General Thoughts

It has been nice to get away from home, work, and Sg in general, even if it is only for a few weeks. Nice to just get up without a care in the world, where no one knows you, and you can pretty much say and do whatever you want. The weather’s been great, cool and dry, unlike the hell-like heat and humidity of Sg. I can just imagine myself melting into little pieces the moment I step out of Changi Airport.

One of the great joys here is watching tv, not the junk like Incredible Tales back home, but American junk like The Daily Show and The Apprentice. It’s great watching all the talk shows that parody, satirize, and just plain insult the leaders of the country. George Bush, Condoleeza Rice, John Kerry – you name it, they do it. Jon Stewart is especially funny, I think, although his political segment is usually only 10 to 15 mins long. The episode where Tim Robbins appears was awesome, cos he openly encouraged people to smoke some weed before they go watch his play. Imagine someone doing that in Sg. Yeah, right.

Sad that Arsenal hasn’t been doing well since I left Sg though. Maybe they need me to constantly watch the screen for live scores in order for them to do well. Dumped out of the FA Cup and Champions League in a week. Sheesh. At least they managed to beat Liverpool and draw Newcastle to lead by 7 points with 6 games remaining. They need a maximum of 12 points to regain the title they lost last season, although it might be less if Chelsea draws or loses a couple of games here and there. Important now though, I feel, is trying to maintain that unbeaten streak in the league, at least for morale’s sake. Well, I’ll be back in Sg following the results more closely when the season draws to a close.