Day 7: Ticket

Well, its finally time to go home. Somewhat tired of eating buttery seafood and streets smelling like puke in the morning. But we needed one last meal before making the trip back to Lonoke, so we stopped over at The Crescent City for lunch. I had the soft shell crab, which was the best I’ve ever tasted – fresh, with light flavours, tender, and moist. Also had a half dozen fresh oysters, the biggest I’ve ever seen, really. Not bad, but I thought they could have been more creative with the dressing.

Actually got pulled over for speeding on the Interstate 65 by the Louisianian police. 🙁 And the cop even set his dog to check if there were drugs in the car – well, I was wearing a shirt that said “Fuck Milk Got Pot? – but he said something about security after 9-11. Yeah, weed is the biggest terrorist threat today.

Got back safely, although daylight savings meant we missed the 1-hour Simpsons special. Shucks.