Day 2: Little Rock

Randall drove around today, and I got to see some of LR in daylight. It was pleasant, urban but not overwhelming like some other cities. Went to U of Arkansas @ Little Rock, which was ok, but the person at the Financial Assistance Department gave us wrong directions to the International Students Office [which incidentally, is the wrong place to consult since I was enquiring about graduate studies].

Here’s a postcard view of Little Rock.

Had dinner at his grandad’s – popcorn shrimp and fried potatoes. I think Randall scared me with too many stories about food there, but he assured me this was the exception cos I was a special guest. 😛

Then followed them to an AA meeting at the Cosmopolitan Club [no relation to the drink the girls on Sex and the City down all the time]. Special speaker today, but thought he was a little too self-involved, and almost made alcoholism glamorous, which would have defeated the point of AA?