Updatey Day

Oops, looks like I have not done an “emerge sync” in a very very long time on the pIII, though it’s not like i’ve been ’emerge -pu’ing enough for it to matter. For shame. I’m going to try and emerge catalyst and move the system up to the 2.6 kernel now that most of the early nasties should have been beat out of it. Methinks it would be a good time to actually put the case on the computer rather than propping up old keyboards around the opening only to scoop out the dust every now and again. It don’t look like that has done much harm, however as the dear has been up 69 days right now. Impressive little pIII/500 I’d say. While I’m at it, getting samba and iTunes sharing up along with wireless auto backups would be cool. The speed of the thing may not cooperate enough to keep up with this entry (much less any technical ‘issues’) … feh. Will it be irritation or distraction that keeps her running 2.4.20-gentoo-r8? We shall see.