BBEdit Comments

AI’s CWoB: YellowText “You wouldn’t think that a tech company could stay in business for a whole decade when their flagship product is a word processor that can’t even do boldface. When the app in question is as well-done as BBEdit, though, it makes sense. BBEdit (technically, it’s a programmer’s text editor) is the official word-processor of YellowText and I’ve used it to write hundreds of columns and articles. Other word processors have more features, but I find that BBEdit represents the most negligible obstacle between my Art and the mechanical process that converts it into glorious, filthy cash. At no point, for instance, has my Writing Trance been broken by a cartoon character that bounded onto the scene to comment that it looks as though I’m writing an interior monologue scene and would I like to format it as an address label instead?
It also has a tendency not to destroy my manuscripts and I really do find that absolutely charming.”