Was King Arthur a Real Person? | History | Smithsonian Magazine

If Nennius established Arthur as a British hero, Geoffrey of Monmouth brought him to life. Born around 1090, possibly in Wales, and educated in Paris and Oxford, Geoffrey was ensconced as a bishop in Britain in the mid-1100s when he wrote, in Latin, perhaps the most influential book ever about Arthur. Like Nennius, Geoffrey had a political agenda: to show the superiority of the Celtic-speaking Britons, and by extension, the Welsh, who spoke the same language. “There were a lot of criticisms of the Welsh as being savages, barbarians,” says Morris. “Geoffrey invents a noble history for them, going back a hundred kings before Arthur.” A cipher in Nennius’ history, Arthur now became a Celtic-speaking warrior-king within a richly imagined narrative.

Source: Was King Arthur a Real Person? | History | Smithsonian Magazine

Cable Without Cable

I figured out a killer way to save on cord cutting. Philo costs $20/mo and offers “basic cable,” a service that Sling provides for $35 (though bit more conveniently – at least on my TV). Neither offer local channels, but if you live in a very few service areas, LoCast is an alternative which asks for donations ($5/mo). It has apps for AppleTV, Roku, Amazon and can be Chromecasted.

If you happen to be with T-Mobile, they’re offering a $10/mo rebate on Philo until the end of April. For a more complete/simpler solution, Youtube TV is great and can be locked in for $55/mo (if you’re with T-Mobile).