Gentoo “is” in the same way that Elma Cogan is.

I thought it would be such fun to install a hands on distro … and as 9.2 mandrake iso's seemed to be a major pain to dl … i went for gentoo … it WAS fun when i started on thursday morning, but it's now saturday afternoon and the install is still not completely finished. i entirely agree now with the articles i read about how gentoo is *extremely much* more source based than others. everything but the initial bootstrap is individually being compiled (hopefully with the correct processor optimizations) … it's like cooking dinner starting with the surveying the land, getting the agent, escrow, locating appropriate lumber, building the kitchen, designing electrical, refrigeration, heating .. and then putting it together before getting around to shopping for more edible components … to be slightly fair i did go to sleep at some point which was apparently just the time it was waiting for to finish with one thing and wait for me to type 'y' followed by the enter key. oh well. Anyway. Bless Brent Ashley for affording me a slight smile in relation to some apparent presidential assistance in his latest java bugging efforts… is is undefined